Mental Toughness for Runners. A Complete Guide: The new book by Dr. Michele Ufer is now available

On the way to the international gold standard.

Finally the time has come. Due to the great success of the German edition of Michele's Mental Training for Runners book and the numerous requests for an English edition, an updated and extended version of the bestseller is now available under the title Mental Toughness for Runners. A Complete Guide to the international public. The book is recommended far beyond running by top athletes, recreational athletes, executives and entrepreneurs.

The standard work on mental training succeeds in doing something that not many advisors in this genre are able to do in German speaking countries: Presence on the international market. As part of the translation work, a number of new research findings were added to the English edition. The book also features exciting success stories from a number of readers who, thanks to Dr. Michele Ufer's strategies, have not only found new strength in sport and beyond but have also been able to achieve challenging goals.

According to the publisher, the core market is the USA. But Dr. Michele Ufer's goal is quite clear after all the positive feedback: the book should become the gold standard worldwide.


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Speaker, coach and best-selling author Dr Michele Ufer is an internationally recognised expert in sports and management psychology and also a successful ultramarathon runner.

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