In the FLOW to success. How we master difficulties with ease.


  • Experiences & stories from 4 continents
  • Applied psychology & brain research
  • Latest findings in flow research
  • Tips for increasing flow in everyday life

The lecture accompanying the Flow Hunter book takes listeners on a psychological research expedition to four continents, including the Kalahari Desert, the Amazon rainforest or to the wintry polar circle. During exceptional ultramarathon races that took the participants to the limits of their physical and mental capacities, Dr Michele Ufer carried out hundreds of surveys in the toughest circumstances relating to experiences and performance in extreme conditions. He was looking for the answers to the following questions:

  • What is flow exactly?
  • Under which circumstances does this unusual state of consciousness of concentrated but effortless success occur, in sport and beyond?
  • How does flow affect motivation, performance and satisfaction?
  • What happens in our brain when we are in a state of flow and why is this knowledge important?
  • How we can bring more flow into our life?

On his journey, Dr Ufer didn’t just experience all sorts of exciting things. Dr Michele Ufer took his globally unique findings with him which were also relevant for less extreme endurance athletes and non-athletes alike. Let’s FLOW together!

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