Marathon at Mount Everest. The highest 42,195 km in the world


  • A strange story
  • Motivation and inspiration
  • Stamina & adventure on the roof of the world
  • Courage, risk & openness to new experiences
  • Overcoming setbacks

How does someone who has just taken up running and a diving instructor come upon the idea of producing a documentary film about the highest marathon in the world on Mount Everest? What do they experience in the course of this project and what did they have to deal with? Why did the film win a festival prize? You’ll find out the answers to all this in our moving film presentation. And much more.

You can do more than just mountaineering on Mount Everest. This film presentation (including the award-winning documentary film) accompanies German ultramarathon runner and sports psychologist Dr Michele Ufer on his way to the highest marathon in the world in Nepal. The film looks for the answers to the following questions:

  • What kind of characters take place in such an event?
  • What do athletes experience during this journey of adventure? What drives them on?
  • How was intensive camp life and interacting with different cultures?
  • What are the challenges faced and how do the participants handle them?

With such an extreme running event, anyone expecting to meet experienced, well-trained and perhaps even slightly mad competitive athletes exclusively will be extremely surprised. Whether or not you are a runner, this film presentation will inspire you to conquer your own personal Mount Everest and dare to try something new. No matter where or how old you are.

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