The Atacama strategy. Performance beyond imagination


  • Desert adventure & extreme stamina
  • Mental strength in sport & everyday life
  • Self-motivation & willpower
  • Learn from extreme athletes

Dr Michele Ufer set off on a 250 km ultramarathon run through the driest desert in the world at an altitude of up to 3,500 metres, the Atacama Desert in Chile. He described this project as an "extreme self-test", since he wanted to demonstrate by using his own body which increases in performance people are capable of achieving with the right mental training, not just in sport. The outcome exceeded all expectations.

Up to this point, Michele had never been a runner or an extreme athlete and had never run a marathon, half-marathon or even a 10 km race in his life. He had only 3.5 months time to prepare. So how can a person without professional and many years of training render such a performance, reaching the end even before experienced professional runners?

“The greatest undiscovered area in the world lies…between our ears.”

Perhaps this is where the answer lies? The lecture will explain this. In addition to exciting insights into the targeted use of motivational and performance-enhancing psychological strategies that have proven their value with other top athletes around the world and in (professional) everyday life, Dr Michele Ufer presents you with fascinating images and stories from his experiences during this fantastic desert adventure.

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