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Motivation Bullshit & "Limit Skills" (German)

Why are many common motivational statements rather counterproductive or even dangerous? How can we increase our performance, how can we grow beyond ourselves without breaking ourselves sooner or later?

"You can do anything if you want," "There are no limits," "Always think positive." - everyone has heard such sayings before. The sports and management psychologist Dr. Michele Ufer thinks little of these slogans because they can make people overestimate themselves, harm themselves and end up being disappointed. He says: "It is more important to test one's own limits, to respect them and to grow with them. This is what his book "Limit Skills" is about - for which he has sought the support of extreme and world-class athletes, as well as other high performers who always push their limits.

In an interview with the Italian radio station, he reveals what the LIMIT SKILLS are all about. The interview can be found here (in German) :


Zum Buch
Limit Skills. Die eigenen Grenzen respektieren, testen, überwinden

Das Buch Limit Skills enthält neben spannenden Geschichten und Interviews über Grenzerfahrungen fundierte Impulse zu Motivation, Mentaltraining, Lernen & Wachstum, Willenskraft, Persönlichkeit, Intuition, Regenerationsmanagement, Teamdenken

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