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TV: SRF1 und 3sat

TV report: Running at the Limit. Fascination Extreme Sport

As part of a TV production for Swiss & German Television on the subject of ultra trail running, Dr. Michele Ufer was invited as a leading sports psychology expert on the subject and himself a successful extreme runner.

During the shooting he reports on his own running experiences, his research on running psychology, flow, motivation and mental strength and gives, together with a supervised athlete, insights into mental training to promote motivation and top performance.

The 30-minute short version was shown on Swiss Television (SRF1) on 12 October 2019, and will shortly also be shown on 3sat. In a few months a longer version will be broadcasted, which goes even deeper and contains further inputs to sport psychology, flow, coaching and mental training.

The documentary (so far in German only) can be found here.

Motivationsvorträge & Worksops..

Sie haben Interesse an einem Vortrag, Workshop oder Coaching zum Themenbereich Motivation, mentale Stärke, Flow, Leistung extremen Bedingungen, Grenzkompetenz? Kontaktieren Sie Herrn Dr. Ufer einfach. Er freut sich auf Ihre Nachricht.

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