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Tenzing-Hillary Everest Marathon. The highest marathon in the world

Conquering Mount Everest and standing on the roof of the world is a dream for many people. But it is not only professional athletes who are attracted to Mount Everest. Even people of advanced age, with handicaps or after surviving life crises dare to take up this challenge. What drives them?

In her book "Myth Mount Everest. A mountain is conquered, the author Iris Hadbawnik portrays mountaineers who stood on the summit or failed at it, talking to them about their motives and the adventures they experienced on the mountain. She shows that Mount Everest is not only attractive to mountaineers. Runners, cyclists, snowboarders, swimmers, apnea divers and paragliders can also live their dreams there.

Dr. Michele Ufer has successfully completed the Tenzing-Hillary Everest Marathon, the highest marathon in the world, three times in a row and produced the award-winning documentary Marathon at Mount Everest. The highest 42,195 km in the world. In one chapter he reports about his experiences during this run and the psychological challenges on the roof of the world.

(The book is only available in German.)

Everybody has their Mount Everest...

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