Communication and motivation in elite sports. Insights into the consulting of a national team

Published in: Gruppe. Interaktion. Organisation. Zeitschrift für angewandte Organisationspsychologie
Ufer, M. Gr Interakt Org (2019).

The following practical example reports on a consulting mandate with a national team that lasted about 3 months. The task of the national coach was to increase the motivation and performance of the team in order to qualify for the European Championship. However, this original focus on the athletes was extended to the organizational consulting of the whole national team system in order to integrate the coaching staff into the process. The extended perspective made aspects accessible for processing and systematic improvement that originally did not seem relevant to the client for achieving the goal, but whose importance with regard to motivation in the team was decisive, such as communication and coordination between the team and the coaching staff and within the coaching staff, as well as the leadership and self-management of the national coach.

Keywords: Leadership, performance, organizational consulting, sports psychology, SYMLOG

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Motivation, leadership, team performance...

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