Flow Hunter. Motivation, success & satisfaction when running | Dr. Michele Ufer, Speaker Sports Psychologist, Ultramarathon Runner

Flow Hunter. Motivation, success & satisfaction when running

  • Research journey covering 4 continents
  • Extraordinary (running) stories
  • Latest findings in flow research
  • Practical tips for increasing flow in everyday life

For me, the most inspiring running book on the market after "Born to Run". With this book, Dr Michele Ufer has succeeded in creating an impressive body of work. (Dr Konrad Smolinski, sports scientist & endurance sports coach)

(The book is currently only available in German, an English edition is planned.)


What every runner wants: running in the flow

Stage races at the polar circle, through the tea plantations of India, across the Kalahari Desert in Africa, sometimes as a self-sufficient run, sometimes including provisions for athletes, sometimes in extreme heat, cold, damp or even normal climatic conditions. All of these races have one thing in common: many of those involved experienced their physical or psychological limits. Michele Ufer talks about his own participations in such ultramarathons and also interviews other participants about their unusual experiences. Many have experienced flow in their own bodies.

But what exactly is flow? How is this special state achieved? How does it affect performance and satisfaction? How can we bring more flow into our life, not just when running? Dr Michele Ufer wanted to find out more, which is why the flow hunter embarked on an unusual journey of motivational psychological research that took him to four continents – always on the hunt for flow experiences.

This book provides substantial answers to all questions on the subject of flow in a refreshing manner:

  • What exactly is flow?
  • How is flow created? What can athletes do to increase the probability of experiencing flow?
  • How does flow affect performance and satisfaction?
  • Are there any negative or even dangerous aspects of experiencing flow? If yes – what can one learn from this?


What an amazing book. Michele brings us precisely to the point where all runners want to be. In the flow. Michele has put together an impressive collection of know-how and experiences. It’s written by someone who loves adventure and knows what he’s talking about. Pure motivation!

— Karl Egloff
Mountain guide & multiple skyrunning world record holder

Michele Ufer has a magical ability of combining serious science and applied psychology with gripping stories. "The latest Ufer" provides quality entertainment with substance.

— Prof. Dr. Oliver Stoll
Martin-Luther University Halle-Wittenberg

A fantastic book. Really easy to read. Complex issues are explained in a concise way that is wonderfully entertaining yet can easily be understood by the average person. You literally feel like putting on your running shoes as you read. I’ve been aware of many competitive situations where I’ve looked flow in the eyes, I just wasn’t fully aware of it until now.

— Florian Reus
World, European & multiple German champion in 24-hour running

Dr Michele Ufer is Germany’s number 1 flow hunter. In this book he takes you with him on the hunt for the flow. The research status quo is summarised in a way that is interesting and easy to understand. However, the book is also a guidebook, a documentary and a collection of interviews. Anyone who follows the path of the various subject areas will certainly find flow an easier prey at the end of their hunt. A must read!

— Jochen Schmitz
Editor-in-Chief, RUNNING - the running magazine

Michele takes you along with him and on the way he explains how to use your brain to make your legs faster. Straightforward and easy to understand. An excellent tool kit for runners. The stories are very well written in my opinion. I really like the style since he also provides his inner monologue while running and makes everything understandable and down-to-earth. Top!

— Guido Gallenkamp
Vice President of the German Ultramarathon Association

Michele Ufer, once again impressively manages to put his readers in a flow-similar state and includes scientific findings which might otherwise seem a bit dry in his fascinating expeditions – whether that’s in the Chilean Atacama Desert, in the jungle of Peru or in his cool, rainy homeland. I devoured the flow hunter’s findings in a 12-hour ultra-reading marathon.

— Dr Volker Scheer
Network of Sports Physicians & University of Paderborn


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