Marathon at Mount Everest. The highest 42,195 km in the world

The award-winning documentary follows german ultra distance runner and sports psychologist Dr. Michele Ufer on his way to the highest marathon of the world to Nepal.

The film tries to find answers to the following questions: What type of personalities participate at an event like this? What do the athletes experience during this adventure? What gets them going? How's the cultural interaction between Nepalis and people from other cultures living together in outdoor camps? What are the challenges and how do the participants deal with them? With such an extreme running event, anyone expecting to meet experienced, well-trained and perhaps even slightly mad competitive athletes exclusively will be extremely surprised. 

The film by Dr. Michele Ufer & Tobias Meinken was presented at national and international film festivals and at various events. In addition, he is used in the context of  lectures on the topics of psychology, motivation, perseverance, big goals, limit experience and regularly provides a tremendous pinch of inspiration and positive discussion.

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