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Mental Toughness for Runners. A Complete Guide

  • Bestseller & standard work on the subject
  • Also used in other sports
  • Effective self-coaching & mental Training
  • Motivation for success in sport, work, everyday life

Michele Ufer hit the mark with his book. It is a must-read for any ambitious athlete. (Jana Hartmann, six-time German National Champion in 800 m)

Mental Toughness for Runners gives the reader highly effective methods for successful mental training, including self-coaching, well-founded training psychology, and thought-provoking strategies for self-reflection. The mental training presented in this book has been proven successful by numerous coaching sessions and by endurance athletes throughout the world who have achieved significant and often dramatic achievements after improving their motivation, performance, and well-being with this mental training.

In addition, the exercises are supplemented with case studies from various coaching sessions. The book also delves into the science of mental training so that the reader may understand the reasons behind certain training concepts, but always the focus remains on practicing and directly applying the methods to the runner’s training.

This book will guide the reader through a personal assessment of his training so that he may develop an individually tailored mental training plan which can then be integrated into everyday sports life.

Every runner who reads this book will improve his mental training and ultimately his running performance.

The book presents in a unique way the experiences and the know-how of a sports psychological expert, who coaches numerous runners and other endurance athletes psychologically, who also researches psychological aspects in running, regularly reports on his work in lectures, at scientific congresses and in magazine articles and who repeatedly achieves top 10 placings in international (extreme) races.


Michele Ufer hit the mark with his book. As an athlete, it is so important to be mentally tough and not to be distracted by anything or anyone in your environment. You can conquer many "mountains" with your inner strength. Michele has proven this himself several times. The book is a must-read for any ambitious athlete.

— Jana Hartmann
Jana Hartmann, six-time German National Champion in 800 m

This book provides you with an astounding piece of knowledge, a tool, and the personal experiences of an extraordinary ultra-distance runner and sport psychologist. With this book, Michele Ufer has added another milestone to the existing literature on running.

— Prof. Dr. Oliver Stoll
Martin-Luther University Halle-Wittenberg

And one thing becomes very evident in this book: Mental training can also be fun! The many easy-to-apply exercises make this a work I will always return to for the rest of my running life!

— Florian Reus
World and three-time European Champion in the 24-hour race

I highly recommend this book. You will learn much about yourself and our sport because this is a hands-on book with lots of tests as well as examples that invite active participation or imitation. Whether theorist or practitioner, you will definitely put it to use!

— Jochen Schmitz
Chief editor, RUNNING magazine

Being a partner of a leading consultancy, working 60 hours a week and running more than 100 kilometres a week to be well prepared for global ultramarathons is not always easy. This book really helps to successfully master the occasionally extreme challenges in sport, day-to-day management work, and private life.

— Christoph Harreither
Partner, Ernst & Young Accounting Firm

Michele Ufer manages to present new perspectives on performance improvement through mental training. It is an important addition to sports medical and sport-scientific aspects. But the health-oriented recreational athlete will also be able to enhance his training with the presented methods.

— Dr. Ulrich Schneider
Chief of Sports Medicine, Hellerson Sports Medicine Clinic


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