Mental Training, Sports Psychology & Life Coaching for Runners

A series of articles over several years

Dr. Michele Ufer has written a series of articles about applied mental training and sports psychology for the leading German magazine "RUNNING - Das Laufmagazin". In each episode, short and concise thought impulses and directly implementable strategies were conveyed on a specific topic. The feedback was extremely positive and led to the publication of the bestseller "Mental Training for Runners", now available in an extended English version as Mental Toughness for Runners. A Complete Guide. Because running is also a matter of the mind. Numerous topics were treated, among other things:

  • Motivation, goals & self-sabotage
  • Assessing mental skills and strengths
  • The negative effects of "positive thinking"
  • Perform at your best, when it matters most
  • Relaxed effectiveness, effective relaxation
  • Dealing with self-doubt and criticism
  • Visualization & inner images
  • mental training for rehabilitation after injuries
  • will-power and self-confidence
  • Flow experience and fokus of attention
  • Trance and sports hypnosis
  • self-talk & thought control
Mental toughness in sports, work, everyday life
can be trained!

Are you interested in a keynote speech or effective coaching on the subject on mental toughness training? Very good. Just get in touch with Dr. Ufer. He is looking forward to your message.

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