Scientific Lecture

Invited lecture at the Colloquium for Motivation and Positive Psychology, University Trier, Germany

Mental toughness, flow, peak performance. What can we learn from extreme sport & ultra endurance athletes?

Key words: sports psychology, mental training, resilince, ultramarathon


What does extreme climbing have to do with the daily journey to work? What is and how do you become an extreme athlete? Would you like to “kill your amygdala"? Why do some people climb the most difficult cliffs without rope safety or run hundreds of kilometres through the desert? What drives extreme runners and other adrenaline-junkies? Are they just a bit crazy and differ from the rest of the people? How do they master difficult situations at the limits of what is possible? Where the risk is high and the pain may be severe, is something like flow experience possible at all? Why should we all bring more flow into our lives and how does that work? How do we improve self-motivation and resistance? Is there a shortcut to success? Do you fancy a hot exercise that you should start right tomorrow?

This lecture combines the speaker’s current research results in sport psychology with personal experiences from the world of adventure & extreme sports in order to find answers to the following question: what can we learn from extreme athletes for our less extreme but meaningful everyday challenges?

But be cautious: after this lecture it could be that you want to go out directly for a nice little run in the desert with Michele.

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