Online Assessment for Runners

Motivation, Mental Skills, Personality


Know yourself better to perform better

Training is most effective when the stimuli set are optimally suited to the current skill level and the respective goals. This applies to physical development as well as mental training. A well-founded psychological assessment is thus a basis for the systematic development of mental strengths. The aim of this online assessment is to provide you with a quick scientifically sound personal feedback on the following aspects:

  • your running motivation
  • psychological strategies in training & competition
  • self-leadership outside sport
  • resilience, self-efficacy and other personality traits

Contribution towards expenses: 11,99 EUR.


Once you made payment via Paypal you get a direct access to your online assessment including personal feedback. (No need to have a Paypal account)


If you like to know some further details on the assessment before getting into it, please have a look at the following explanations.


Instruments are used that have proven their worth in research and consulting in and outside sport. The set of questionnaires has already been used by hundreds of endurance athletes from all over the world as part of Dr. Michele Ufer's research programme "Mental toughness, flow experience and peak performance under extreme conditions", e.g. Motives of Marathoners (MOMS), Test of Performance Strategies (TOPS), Big Five personality traits (BFI-10), Brief Resilience Scale (BRS), Self-efficacy...)

Two of the questionnaires are also part of the chapter on personal assessment in the book Mental Toughness for Runners. A Complete Guide (Motivation and performance strategies). If you don't want to evaluate the questionnaires in the book manually, which is often error-prone, you can take the more comfortable and faster route here. In the further course of the book there is a questionnaire on self-efficacy. In contrast to this, however, this online diagnosis is based on an abbreviated form for economic reasons, i.e. these results are not transferable 1 to 1. In addition to the questionnaires presented in the book, some other information is assessed, such as resilience and other personality aspects.

Individual Feedback

Your individual feedback summarizes the central results, mostly graphically presented and supplemented by some comments and suggestions for handling the data as well as some further literature references. This goes far beyond what you can find in the scientific literature, because usually only the instruments and their statistical characteristics are presented there. You will receive a personal access key and can also access the analysis later. You can print out the evaluation via the browser. This scientifically founded sport psychological diagnostics can be of great value and serve as a starting point for a further systematic reflection an and improvement of your mental performance.

WinWin - contribution towards expenses

The contribution towards expenses amounts to 11,99 US$. The questionnaires used are available free of charge in the scientific literature and on the Internet. But the hosting and above all the programming and maintenance of the online diagnostics and evaluation function cost money. We hope that everyone wins this way: you get the possibility of a well-founded (sport) psychological diagnosis for a very small contribution to expenses and we can advance the research and provide you with results on the basis of the data, which hopefully help you with your personal development and optimize yourfuture training/competition. This way we also want to discourage those who like to give wildly any nonsense data in freely accessible questionnaires. Such a thing is sometimes difficult researchers to handle, very time-consuming to correct and/or falsifies results. This doesn't help anyone. Directly after payment you get access to the online diagnosis.

Privacy & anonymity

The data will be treated absolutely confidential and will not be passed on to third parties, see also our privacy policy. Your personal profile will be created automatically. Other scientific evaluations take place exclusively anonymously and at group levels. By paying you accept that the data will be used anonymously for research purposes. Results are regularly presented at scientific conferences and/or in articles.

Procedure: How to

The processing takes about 30-45 minutes. You should really allow yourself some time and rest. You should answer the questions openly and honestly. This is the only way to get a coherent evaluation.

In the past there were sometimes technical problems on the part of Paypal with the correct forwarding to the questionnaire. If you have any registration problems, just write us a short mail and we will fix immediately.

And now have fun with the small expedition to yourself!


Once you made payment via Paypal you get a direct access to your online assessment including personal feedback. (No need to have a Paypal account)

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