How much more do you have in you?

How can we get into a state of flow that promotes motivation and performance more frequently? Shift or overcome our (performance) limits and push forward into new areas? Make the impossible possible? Achieve challenging objectives smarter or faster? All whilst remaining healthy in the long term and full of zest for life?

Together with athletes, managers and other high performers, Dr Michele Ufer develops tailor-made answers to these questions and passionately provides support as they are implemented in everyday life.


Success strategies in business and extreme/top sports

Dr Michele Ufer has over 20 years of coaching experience. He has successfully worked with top-class athletes, with companies, top managers and with explorers. He would be happy to support you too in the following subjects:

  • Motivation & mental strength
  • Trance & peak flow states
  • Inner peace & composure
  • Peak performance under pressure and extreme conditions
  • Team spirit, group dynamics, effective leadership
  • Eliminate (subconscious) performance blocks


Dr Michele Ufer focuses on offering tailor-made support for individuals, teams and organisations. Exclusive,open seminars with a limited number of participants also take place at irregular intervals. This guarantees highly effective work.


Additional information on the following offers will follow shortly.

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