Impulses that gets under your skin. And in your head.

In his lectures, speaker Dr Michele Ufer discusses his limit experiences and how he overcame them. He builds a bridge between patterns of the human psyche, strategies for increasing performance and challenges in sport and business.

Stories & know-how

Beyond chakka & no limits

His talks focus on mental strength, flow, peak performance and limit skills. Dr Michele Ufer knows that everyone is capable of surpassing themselves. To ensure this doesn’t result in doggedness but – quite the contrary – in lightness, he provides the best example of this himself.


Events & locations

A motivational talk, keynote presentation  or a reading by Dr Michele Ufer are available at conferences, trade fairs, congresses, company events, sporting events, plenary discussions, project kick-offs, training camps, fireside talks and so on. No matter whether he’s at a congress centre, conference hotel or an unusual setting at the edge of the world, Dr Michele Ufer always captivates his listeners. His stories are amazing and his lively discourse is a source of lasting inspiration.

Michele Ufer is a profound expert and speaker in sports psychology

— Ludger Gebhardt

Team Manager at Konica Minolta

Michele Ufer brings us precisely to the point where we all want to be. In the flow.

— Karl Egloff

Mountain guide & skyrunning world record holder

An extraordinary sports psychologist and ultra-long distance runner

— Prof. Dr. Oliver Stoll

Martin-Luther Universität Halle-Wittenberg

What an exceptional man!

— Katrin Niemeyer


My mental work has taken me to a level that I never before thought possible, not just when running.

— Moritz-Jan Schütze

Universitätsklinikum Münster

Keynote & motivational lectures

Select one of the following lecture topics or contact us and we will make you an offer for a lecture tailored individually to your event.

An unusual research expedition took "flow hunter" Dr Michele Ufer as a researcher and extreme runner to four continents, to his physical and psychological limits and to the world of psychology and brain research. What did he experience and what were his findings when it comes to FLOW that are important to us all?

How can someone who runs for a hobby, who has never completed a 10 km race or more in his life, reach a top 10 position in a 250 km extreme run through the driest desert in the world after only 3.5 months of preparation and outperform numerous experienced (professional) athletes?

How does someone who has just taken up running and a diving instructor come upon the idea of producing a documentary film about the Mount Everest marathon? What do they experience during this project and what did they have to deal with? Why did the film win a festival prize? You’ll find out the answers to all this in our moving film presentation. And much more.

How can we increase our performance, go beyond our own limits and expand and overcome them without sooner or later ending up burned out, exhausted or injured? Dr Michele Ufer distances himself from conventional motivational slogans and goes on a provoking and fascinating investigation.

Would you like to find out more or are you interested in a lecture, workshop or coaching session? Great. Dr Michele Ufer is looking forward to hearing from you.

Scientific lectures & workshops

As part of his research activities Dr. Michele Ufer also regularly holds lectures and workshops at scientific conferences, seminars and as a guest speaker at universities.

Organizer of a symposium on running psychology at the 14th European Sports Psychology Congress, Bern, Switzerland

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Speaker, coach and best-selling author Dr Michele Ufer is an internationally recognised expert in sports and management psychology and also a successful ultramarathon runner.

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