Applied Research


Mental toughness, flow & peak performance under extreme conditions

Dr. Michele Ufer conducts research activities at the interface of sports science, psychology, medicine and brain research. His main interest lies in the programs "Mental toughness, flow & peak performance under extreme conditions" and "Psychology of running and ultra endurance sport". 

Thanks to his consistent practical orientation, Dr. Ufer's customers not only benefit directly from the latest state-of-the-art know-how. The can regularly participate in amazing projects.

With "Limit Skills", Dr. Michele Ufer investigates a new concept in sports psychology, which will certainly attract some attention to itself in research and application in the future. Ufer is presenting a ground-breaking book on a subject that is definitely innovative.

— Prof. Dr. Oliver Stoll

Martin-Luther University Halle-Wittenberg

Scientific Lectures & Workshops

Dr. Michele Ufer regularly presents his findings and experiences in lectures and workshops at scientific conferences and as a guest speaker at universities. Here you will find a selection of events and topics.

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Organizer of a symposium on running psychology at the 14th European Sports Psychology Congress, Bern, Switzerland

Would you like to find out more or are you interested in a lecture, workshop or coaching session? Great. Dr Michele Ufer is looking forward to hearing from you.

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