Focus on runners & other endurance athletes

The Institute for Endurance Psychology, which was initiated by Dr Michele Ufer, offers you a unique training course as an endurance psychology coach. Here you obtain the necessary skills for psychologically coaching runners, triathletes and other endurance athletes in depth and for training them mentally. The training course is led by Dr Michele Ufer and supported by prominent guest speakers from science and sport.

Additionally, the institute serves as a research facility into mental training, flow experiences and sports psychology.

What’s so special about the training?

The training as endurance psychology coach is unique because it...

  • focuses on psychological training and coaching of endurance athletes like no other institute.
  • extends over a whole year (unlike many courses that last only a few hours or days).
  • combines intensive weekend workshops with self-study phases and your own coaching projects, in which you can implement the knowledge acquired in practice under Dr Michele Ufer’s supervision.
  • offers you the latest findings from leading experts first-hand from the research activities of the institute.

As a participant, you also benefit from the fact that Dr Michele Ufer combines experiences from three areas:

  • He is a post-doctoral sports psychologist and conducts international research into running psychology
  • As an extreme runner, he successfully tries out his methods on his own body
  • He has 20 years of experience as a practising coach

What does the training course cover?

The training course covers the following subjects and questions:

How can I diagnose psychological strength and develop a mental training program that builds on this?

How can I help my clients optimally prepare themselves mentally for upcoming events?

How is it possible to call up abilities precisely at the right moment in important situations?

What do we need to overcome and expand personal limits without risking injury or burnout?

How can I identify and eliminate the causes of motivational and performance blocks?

How do I enable my clients to develop more inner peace and composure?

What increases the probability of experiencing more states of flow?

How does the  training course  empower you?

After the training course, you will have in-depth sports psychological background knowledge as well as an extensive collection of tried and tested methods for your own coaching sessions.

You will develop an excellent instinct for your clients’ needs and know why a method works, when you should implement it and when it’s best not to.

As a certified endurance psychology coach, you know how you can effectively support your clients

  • Increase their (mental) performance
  • Increase their motivation on a sustainable basis
  • Achieve personal goals more effectively
  • Be more resilient through crises and setbacks
  • Whilst taking care of their own health.

In any event, you yourself will go through a coaching process since you will try out all of the methods you learn on yourself. This means that as a participant, you develop not just your expertise but also your personality.

You can subsequently qualify further as a certified coach in running psychology.

After this training session, you will have the opportunity to complete advanced training as a master coach in endurance psychology and as a teaching coach in endurance psychology at the Institute for Endurance Psychology.

Where can I find more information?

For detailed information about the Institute for Running Psychology and how to register for the training, see

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